Kish Economic Activity License

All Of the Activity in Kish island must have a license that renews every one year this web application helped Kish Business management office increased the process of issuing this license over 80%.

Business Managemnet Portal

This is a website for requesting a new license or renew an old one. all of the processes start in this portal by customers that want a license.

Portal Management Module

with this module, Users of Business Management can confirm or reject the Documents that requested from Portal. all the rejected Documents can be completed by clients and send for a recheck.

Documenting Files

Create and Editing of 12 different Data entry Forms.

Digital Archive

Scan And Categorize of all documents enter to Business Managemnet archived in this module.


This module sends Support Tickets to ITIS-TicketsApp. Users can view their tickets and chat to support in this module. 

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