Kish Panel

First Iranian B2B Tourism Application

Developed the first B2B Web Application for the tourism business of Iran called Kish Panel with the capability to reserve all Kish Island tourism services, which connects Producers to travel agencies and tourism services This Platform upgrade the old Paper oriented Services to Paperless System. in addition to the B2B platform, a B2C platform is also provided, which can be used to provide Services to end-user service by API.  

Shantik Kish Company as a multifunctional company defining one of its areas of activity in the tourism industry. With the backing of experts and extensive collaboration with companies, accredited tourism and recreation centers and the use of modern methods, they are working to provide services to organizations and institutions as well as to the visitors and tourists of the beautiful island of Kish. Due to the numerous activities of the company in the field of “tourism” and with the aim of introducing and selling tourism services, this system was launched by Shantik Informatics Group and is now providing online and in-person tourism services at Kish Island. Expanding tourism activities, providing optimal services can greatly help the industry in attracting tourism.

Shantik .co owns, operates and executes Kish Panel

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